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Made in USA

American Flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”

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Made in USA

American Flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”

Have You Heard of These American Flag Myths?

Jan 26, 2023

With so much rich history and tradition behind the U.S. flag, there are bound to be some myths around it. Some myths are commonly heard, while others may not be so common. Have you ever heard of these myths about the American flag?

Myth #1: A flag that touches the ground must be destroyed.

Although the flag code does state that the American flag should never touch the ground, this doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be destroyed if it does. Flags should only be destroyed if they are no longer in good enough condition to be displayed, i.e. they are torn, tattered, faded, etc. As long as touching the ground doesn’t damage the flag, it is perfectly acceptable to continue to display it.

Myth #2: It’s illegal to wear clothing with the American flag on it.

This is a common myth that makes rounds on the internet, particularly around the Fourth of July. The American Legion states there is nothing illegal about wearing these clothing items. In fact, there is no breach of flag etiquette whatsoever when people choose to wear clothing with the American flag on it, as long as this piece of clothing isn’t made from an actual U.S. flag.

Myth #3: You should never wash or dry clean the flag.

There is nothing in the flag code that states cleaning the flag is prohibited. Choosing whether or not to clean the flag is up to the owner and whether or not the flag is soiled. How to clean the flag, whether using a washing machine, handwashing, or dry cleaning, will be dependent on what material it is made out of. Keep in mind, our Real American Flags are 100% cotton and will freeze in colder temps if not properly cared for. After a year of proper care, you may notice a nice fade which is normal.

Myth #4: You can be punished for breaking flag code.

The flag code provides us with a set of guidelines and etiquette for displaying the American flag. While it is always good to adhere to this flag code, there is no “flag police” to enforce these rules. There are also laws or consequences that are enforced for breaking these rules.

Myth #5: The flag should never be flown at night.

It is customary to fly the flag from sunrise to sunset in good weather. However, you do not have to take down the flag at night, if you follow some guidelines. Flag etiquette permits flying the American flag at night as long as it is well illuminated.

Myth #6: Only a veteran can have a flag displayed on their casket.

This is a common myth. However, there is no specific code or rule stating that only veterans can have a flag over their casket or accompanying their urn. Firefighters, police officers, and even police dogs often have the American flag on their caskets. In fact, any patriotic American citizen can be afforded the honor of having an American flag draped on their casket


With such a long history, there’s bound to be several myths swirling around our American flag. Is there a myth you’ve heard about the American flag that we haven’t addressed here? No matter what the myths are, one thing is for certain. Our flag is a symbol of our great country and all it stands. You can display your patriotism by purchasing and flying a Real American flag, 100% made in America.