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American Flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”

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Made in USA

American Flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”

What Are American Symbols and What Do They Stand For?

Oct 07, 2022

The United States has a rich history full of meaningful traditions and symbols. The most well-known symbols are the American flag and the bald eagle. However, there are several others that are full of just as much history and meaning as these two. What do these iconic American symbols mean and where did they come from?

The Meaning Behind American Symbols

The American Flag

The American flag is a long standing U.S. symbol almost as old as the country itself. On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress officially adopted the American flag with thirteen alternating red and white stripes and thirteen stars in a sea of blue. The red represents valor and bravery, the white purity and innocence, and the blue vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The thirteen stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies while each star represents each state in our nation.

How to Care for Your American Flag
Bald Eagle American Symbol

The Bald Eagle

This well-known symbol dates back to 1782 when it was adopted as part of the official American seal. It took three separate Congressional committees to finally decide on the United States seal. They selected the bald eagle as part of the seal because it represented beauty, fierce independence, and strength. Despite popular belief, there is no evidence to suggest that Benjamin Franklin lobbied for the turkey to be the official bird of America, although he did write a letter claiming the bald eagle was of poor moral character.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States on July 4, 1884, from France, although it was not assembled on Liberty Island until almost a year later. This iconic symbol not only represented the friendship between the U.S. and France, but it was a beacon of hope, freedom, and enlightenment, particularly for those coming into the United States from other countries.


The Liberty Bell

This symbol of freedom is older than our country itself. It was first made in 1752 for the Pennsylvania State House (now called Independence Hall). Originally made in London, it was shipped to the United States and cracked shortly after. The next year, it was cast using the same metal. The bell is inscribed with the names of the bell’s creators, John Pass and John “Stow, along with the year and the verse, Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” It is still a fierce reminder of our freedom, liberty, and independence today.

With all the rich history and tradition behind these iconic American symbols, it’s hard to choose a favorite. However, we are partial to the American flag. It is a universal symbol of freedom, prosperity, perseverance, and the American dream. We also love that everyone has access to this symbol of freedom, no traveling required. You can show your pride for our great country by having your very own Real American flag, 100% made in America. When you display your flag, be sure to follow proper flag etiquette