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Made in USA

American Flags made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”

Bells Across America – Echoes of a Nation’s History

Nov 13, 2023

Bells Acoss America Newspaper

Each September, a symphony of sound resonates through the heart of our nation, from sea to shining sea. Bells Across America is not just a musical celebration, but a powerful symbol of America’s unity, heritage, and resilience.

The History of Bells in America

Bells have played an important role in American history from the very beginning. The Liberty Bell, housed in the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, is the most famous example. This iconic bell could be heard at our country’s most important events, including the reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Bells also served practical purposes in the early days of America. They were used in churches, schools, and town squares to call people to worship, announce the time, and alert communities to emergencies. The sound of bells was woven into the fabric of daily life, and their chimes became ingrained in American culture, even today.

Bells Acoss AmericaThe Tradition of Bells Across America

Although bells have played an important part of American tradition since the birth of our country, the Bells Across America celebration is a fairly recent tradition. This nationwide event, where bells from all corners of the country ring in unison on September 17th at 4pm EDT, commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution during Constitution Week.

What is Constitution Week?

Here are some facts about Constitution Week you may not know.

  • In 1955, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Past President, General Gertrude S. Carraway, was responsible for the annual designation of September 17-23 as Constitution Week.
  • The NSDAR petitioned Congress with a resolution and was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 2, 1956.
  • Constitution Week is an annual event that takes place September 17th to 23rd.
  • It commemorates the signing of the U.S.Constitution on September 17, 1787 and promotes awareness and understanding of American history and the Constitution.
  • The main goals of the DAR during Constitution week are to encourage and educate the public about the Constitution, to celebrate Stars & Stripes forever, and to rejoice in the DAR ties of service and friendship to the community.

The Power of Tradition

Traditions like Bells Across America are crucial for fostering a sense of continuity and connection with our past. They allow us to remember our history, honor those who came before us, and pass down our values to future generations. In a fast-paced world, where change is constant, these traditions provide us with an anchor, reminding us of the values and principles that define us as a nation.

The Meaning of Unity

Unity is one of the cornerstones of American identity, along with liberty and justice. Bells Across America serves as a beautiful reminder of the principles our country was founded on, the strength that comes from our diversity, and our ability to come together in times of triumph and tragedy. It reminds us that, despite our differences, we are all part of something bigger than ourselves, a shared commitment to freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.

Celebrating Across America

Bells Across America is celebrated across our country with special ceremonies and traditions. A great example of this is a celebration that took place in Gardnerville, Nevada. The John C. Fremont Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution along with the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center gathered to celebrate Bells Across America on September 17th.

It began with a welcome address, the Pledge of Allegiance, and several special guests, such as Mike Henningsen, Gardnerville Town Board Member, and the Carson Valley Methodist Church bell choir, and bagpipe player, Sean Cummings. A flag ceremony followed the opening statements and at 1pm the historically significant museum bell rang for one minute to mark the signing of the United States Constitution over 250 years ago. Participants shared that they thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and learned several new pieces of information about the rich history of our Constitution and the founding of our country.

Bells Across America is more than just a tradition. It’s a reflection of the American spirit, much like our flag. They both honor our history, celebrate our unity, and provide a powerful reminder of our shared values. What better way to accompany Constitution Week and the Celebration of Bells Across America than by flying a 100% made in America, Real America Flag? In a world that often seems divided, the sound of bells ringing and the sight of the flag flying across the country serves as a unifying force, bringing us together to celebrate our great nation.